Free-standing Commercial Fridges with Piping

August 8, 2009

One of the most important things I think is that people shouldn’t be overbuying heavy equipment.  It just ends up getting wasted.

Banks of commercial refrigerator machines are pricey because of the scale and difficulty of installation of running lines to the compressor and drainage outlets. Each consumer may saunter by a whole row of such display refrigerators, featuring stockpiles of frozen yogurt, ice-cream cakes and other frozen products. In the eyes of small establishments, it might be sufficient to buy a lone upright unit with moderate horsepower compressor. These units are stacked with handy add-ons such as automatic sliding doors, removeable shelving, and durable polyvinyl interior surfaces. The exteriors are sold in a variety of material selections. Stainless steel is a possibility. Toward added convenience, the free-standing machines must not use external drain piping for the defrost cycle. Exterior fluid piping must be put in by a skilled plumber. A completely self-contained unit is simplest for fix-up and upkeep. Elaborate interior lights are the norm. Different set-ups delivers different advantages and disadvantages.